Lady S.O.V.

at the Lady SOV show last night at Bowery Ballroom.

I love this chick. She has an insane amount of energy. She looks like a little kid onstage and never, ever lets up the pace or the intensity. She also seems to be incredibly pissed off all time, spits her lyrics she’s on some multiple of 78 when everyone else is on 45, and acts like a brat.

To be all reviewer-y, “this 20-year-old singer emerged from East London’s so-called grime scene, which combined hip-hop with a number of other urban pop musics.” okay, sure. What I first liked about her is that crazy-chick “f*ck you” energy plus very funny wordplay. Both on view last night. She acted out, hurled water, beer, and insults at the audience, pointed out that her logo was essentially fisting her drummer, and hauled a small bald man up on stage then told folks to get him the hell off her stage.

Excoriating the NYC crowd for its lameness, she finally called for a weeny sort of mosh pit, and the clueless hordes obliged, tho’ only about three dudes really seemed to have any idea of what the ol’ ultraviolence might involve. i.e. they actually hurled one another to the floor. More geekish flailing around than anything else, tho’.

Lady S.O.V. did a great rendition of “Hoodie” my favorite musically, and “Love Me or Hate Me,” plus a very nice “Random” and semi-okay “Tango” (which I knew as “Orange” – about fake tans – and btw her version at SummerStage this past Aug was much better), plus a way fun cover of the immortal “Pretty Vacant” (the punk nihilist anthem as opposed to the stoner nihilist anthem of “Baba O’Reilly” [aka Teenage Wasteland] or the grunge nihilist anthems of Nirvana.)

Anyway, she did a great job of it. she definitely has that punk edge.

Only quibble with the show was her energy got kind of unfocused and all over the place in the middle and too bratty for her own good, but she’s nuts so what did I expect? It’s why I like live shows anyway. A bit of anarchy and grime on the Bowery made a fine Monday night out.

“Pretty Vacant” and “Love Me or Hate Me” are on her myspace page. Oh yeah, she’s really, really short, too.

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I Got My Reasons

Yeah her show ROCKED… she’s crazy and tiny “a little bit of HUSH for the MIDGET.” I liked when she sang “Amer-I-CA” and the crowd yelled “FUCK YEAH” with no prompting. I got my Lady Sove-RING on and my stickers to post in my hood. WOO HOO i’m 12 again…

Posted by I Got My Reasons on Tuesday, October 31, 2006 at 10:49 PM
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follow-up on the bald dude who hauled up on stage and then got thrown off by Lady SOV – so my hubby Mark is at a CMJ showcase show the following night at the Knitting Factory – and who is there behind him but the bald guy!

So Mark says, “Hey, I saw you at Lady SOV last night!” and the guy starts blubbering, “Oh my god I didn’t do anything stupid, did I? I was really really drunk! oh my god was I really stupid?!?” Mark was kind. he said, “yeah, you got on stage w/her, man!” but no more.

So he had his moment w/the S.O.V. . . . and didn’t remember it at all. O, you pinhead. The sorrows of gin indeed.

Posted by Ellen on Thursday, November 02, 2006 at 6:11 PM
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  HAHA INDEED! Luv that story

Posted by Monica on Sunday, November 05, 2006 at 2:56 PM
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Beasties for the Beasts

or confessions of a night school English teacher:

Finished teaching my last class at 9:55pm; walked into the Gimme Shelter/ASPCA benefit at the Hiro Ballroom, Maritime Hotel at 10:05pm.

Marshall Crenshaw and band were on stage: always smooth, always dependable. I have no f*ckin’ clue what they played since I have never actually listened to a Marshall Crenshaw album. This guy is ubiquitous – last time I saw him he was with Evan Dando et alia backing up the MC3 + 2 (aka DKT) at their legendary 2005 return show at the Bowery Ballroom last summer. thanks Marshall!

And who steps on stage but the excellent Jim Mastro (former Random House proofreader and pal) playing guitar for Joe Hurley and the Jets. (Noted my friend at the show re: Hurley: “hmm. bargain Tom Waits?” She was right.) Jim was last seen leading the band behind Robert Plant at the Arthur Love tribute at the Beacon (see long-previous blog). He is so cool.

s*c Fucks were next. god those guys are old.

in between all this were these kinda so-bad-they’re-surreal videos for animal rescue/shelter with bunnies and parrots. They would not have been out of place between sets at the old Ritz. Nothing but seltzer is a good thing: Even one too many Red Bulls might have tipped the bizarro factor over the edge.

and the Beasties! Here’s a better set list than mine:
Slow & Low
Sure Shot
Egg Man
Shake Your Rump
Hello Brooklyn
Triple Trouble
Root Down
No Sleep Till Brooklyn
Pass The Mic
Body Movin
3 MC’s and 1 DJ
Ch-Check It Out
Intergalactic youtube video
So Watcha Want

it was so great! I have no idea which one dated Molly Ringwald, but they were on. I just kinda wish they played “Sabotage.” . . .