Internet Radio Joy – show of the week

Once a week, over at myspace, I’ve been posting my favorite Internet radio show.

This week’s show is from Wednesday, March 28 – featuring the Asian beats of the BBC’s Bobby and Nihal.

They spin a great mix of bhangra and hiphop, like I somehow just don’t hear on Hot97 here in NYC. The tracklist is below. This particular show should be up til about midnight April 4.

Best bits are about 30 mins in, starting w/”Kala Paisa” (i.e. Black Money) and AG Dolla’s “Arranged Marriage”, and again at about 1:30 mins in, with “Psychedelic Phelgm”.

Stretch yr. speakers and check it out!

    Agent Alvin – ‘The Untouchables (D Code remix)’ (Incite Recordings)
    DJ Vix – ‘Chit Karda’ (Moviebox)
    Asian Dub Foundation – ‘Stop Start’ (Virgin France)
    MDK Cartel – ‘See Us In The Dance’ (Oxygen Recordings)
    Nelly Furtado feat Hydrolik – ‘Somebody To Love’ (White Label)
    DeFect – ‘Shrine’ (White Label)
    Sona Family – ‘Kala Paisa’ (Family Records)
    Surinder Rattan feat Shin & Roach Killer – ‘Akh Largai’ (Kamlee Records)
    AG Dolla – ‘Arranged Marriage’ (Soundproof Ent)
    Panjabi By Nature feat Charanjit Channi – ‘Jaan Panjabi’ (Limitless Records)
    Lady Ru feat Channi Singh – ‘Chances Are’ (Sunset Entertainment)
    Juggy D – ‘Ohjaan Meri Ya’ (Moviebox)

    3 Play – Biggin’ Up Timbaland
    Timbaland feat Amar – ‘Bombay’ (Polydor)
    Timbaland feat Raje Shwari – ‘Indian Style’ (White Label)
    Nelly Furtado feat Timbaland & Amar – ‘Promiscous Girl (Indian Sunset Remix)’ (Polydor)

    Superswamis – ‘Valentines Curve’ (White Label)
    Raja Wilco feat Ajaxxx & Ar-Sin – ‘Hey Sohniye’ (White Label)
    Fusing Naked Beats – ‘City Of Angels feat Sandhya Sanjana’ (Just Play Records)
    Hard Kaur – ‘Look For Me (Jaane Kaun Hai)’ (Kaur Music)
    Inside Info – ‘Argonauts’ (Terrafunk)
    Jehst – ‘Psychedlic Phlegm’ (Boombox Records)
    Mehsopuria feat Hollywood – ‘Patna’ (Warrior Records)
    Dhruva & Sharmaji – ‘Koli Stance’ (White Label)
    Digga – ‘Creep’ (Schizofreniks)
    Asi Khan – ‘Desi Representers’ (White Label)


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