MySpace Presidential Election – wha?!?

As announced yesterday in Media Post:
MySpace To Hold Presidential Primary
It has more registered members than the entire population of Mexico. As a country, it would have the 11th-largest population in the world. Yep, as you may have guessed, we’re talking about News Corp.’s MySpace, the Web’s biggest social network.

TechCrunch reports that Rupert Murdoch and co. are announcing an online presidential primary next January–one month ahead of Super Tuesday, February 5, 2008, the day when up to 20 states will hold their real-world primaries. You can bet the presidential candidates, who understand the Web, will be more significant than ever before during this election cycle, will be taking this virtual primary seriously, particularly because so many of MySpace’s users are under 30–typically the hardest demographic for presidential candidates to reach.

Many of them are already building momentum through MySpace pages. Hillary Clinton, for example, has 7,648 friends, and John Edwards has 16,921 friends–but Barack Obama is absolutely slaying the competition with 89,465 friends.
Click on the full article via MediaPost here

Okay, cool or stupid? Both?

The MySpace user base is not representative of the voters at large. The potential for fake multiple profiles is huge – great for ballot box stuffing!

On the other hand, the demographics of MySpace are very young – the very population that MTV tried to motivate with Rock the Vote. Are they more likely to vote liberal? probably.

I got to ask – Cui bono? Who stands to benefit? and how will FOX benefit? They run MySpace – no reason why they won’t try to benefit. Nothing wrong with that. But Murdoch has skewed the media discusson of politics to the right for years. How will this help that cause? Cause you better believe it will. Or at least I do!


One thought on “MySpace Presidential Election – wha?!?

  1. This is very interesting… very interesting indeed. I am wondering though what (if any) consequence this will have beyond MySpace Land…

    Though this election is gearing up to be an American Idol type of show… coupled with Dubya’s low approval rating… it is possible that being politically aware is becoming “hip”

    I wonder if the MySpace election will allow for the write-in candidates… there are some spaces like “jon stewart for president” and a robert kennedy junior one that I was a friend of for a little while.
    Now that… would be REALLY interesting!

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