girls, girls, girls: DJ JD Samson and the chix @Bklyn Museum, Sat night

Brooklyn Museum, 1st Saturday of every month. Free admission for all exhibits, free dj party upstairs, free live music downstairs, and shitloads of people – an all-ages show of & for the arty and cheap of Brooklyn.

Last Sat night was GIRL NIGHT, evidently, with the Global Feminisms show on. And the chick with the ‘stache in the headphones was JD Samson, formerly of Le Tigre, hero/ine of the indifferently gender’d. If you can find a copy, check out her interview in ANP Quarterly #5, where she and pal Emily Roysdon are described as

“instigational/organizational rabble-rousers in the contemporary queer/ genderqueer/transgender/and-everything-in-between art underground that exists globally in 2006.”

Evidently still existing in 2007. I don’t know about any of the rest of that stuff, but it was massive dance party time on the 3rd floor, where JD started off with an oldie, Grace Jones’s “Pull Up to my Bumper” and proceeded to mix it up from there with a bunch of disco staples, funk, and eurodisco-electronica stuff. One 70+ y.o. red haired chick complained that “she started off okay but then played that terrible techno stuff!” She did not.

The Global Feminism show has about 80+ works by women from around the world. Yup, there’s menstrual blood! Luckily only on video.

Taking pix of the exhibit are forbidden. I had to wait for about 4 peeps to finish taking their snapshots before I got this one of my personal fave:

Priscilla Monge’s maxi-pad pad, the “Room for Isolation and Restraint.” So it’s pretty obvious and pretty damn funny. Except my husband told me, “I don’t understand the name, really. Isolation and restraint?” and I said, “It’s a PADDED CELL, get it?” And finally he did, a little.

And another – this wallpaper, by Iranian Parastou Forouhar:

“Thousand and One Day.”

The cute digital people on this cheery sort of wallpaper, suitable at first glance for any arty W’burg spot, are, in fact, enacting various forms of torture – tortures that really were applied to the victims of political repression in Iran.

The artist’s parents were both assassinated in their home as political dissidents by the Iranian police in 1998.

Surrounded by walls ? Well, at least we can decorate ’em, it seems.


One thought on “girls, girls, girls: DJ JD Samson and the chix @Bklyn Museum, Sat night

  1. I love the Padded Room!

    I am so jealous of the rich cultural life of New York… One day I will get there… one day…

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