ch-ch-cherry bomb!

@ the Annual Cherry Blossom Festival – the Sakura Matsuri – @ the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, Brooklyn NY TOTALLY kicks ass on the one in DC on the Mall.

v. big deal. v. popular in Japan where cherry blossoms traditionally allude to the fleeting nature of life and love – check out Scarlett Johansson at the start of Lost in Translation. Playing w/cherry blossom branches. You know where it’s gonna end before it starts. But don’t we all? In the long run we are all dead.

Til then there’s this!

The SM was rocking in Brooklyn

there was this pink blossomcute bunny!

and lots of thiscosplay

which is called cosplay

which I always read as co-splay cuz i think that way. all the rage at ComicCon and other geek fests.

other blooming things

Everybody wanted to make art! so there was this

and I saw a lot of this

and this!

and yikes!

But hey, backpack girl, no matter what we think of people in fur coats,

people do not = shit

cuz they made this happen

and they will wear this

He was my favorite orange tulip.

happy spring!


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