Jesus and Mary Chain, Webster Hall, May 21, 2007

What year is this? Last time I saw these guys on this marquee it was 1987, it was the Ritz, and there were all of two Scottish guys and two small speakers onstage.

more guys onstage; more speakers

pal Rebecca in line outside: “Well, I wasn’t sure I was gonna go, but then someone said, ‘they are really dark’ and I thought Shoegazer music! So I came.”

how dark were they?

Not that dark. By the time we heard “I wanna die. . . . like JFK. In the sunshine. . . .” we were looking at each other. Monica noted, “That’s not that dark!”

And indeed they weren’t. Time has mellowed the Reid bros.

But they put on a fairly awesome show, nonetheless. Fresh off a triumphant appearance at Coachella where Scarlett Johansson guested on “Just LIke Honey,” the Jesus and Mary Chain opened up with “Never Understand Me” and delivered a polished, energetic performance of some of their big hits from Psychocandy – not enough for my taste – as well as lots of good stuff from the later records (to which I readily admit I really didn’t listen). “Happy When It Rains was a highlight.

The crowd really went for “Just Like Honey,” mainly cuz the song is a fave from the Lost in Translation soundtrack.

and tho’ the light show was decent, the Reids were never a particularly gymnastic band on stage; so the show looked mostly like this.

but it sounded fantastic! The drunk boys were screaming, “Louder, Turn It UP!” and they did. Yo! feedback forever, boys. . . .


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