Dinosaur Jr, Irving Plaza, NYC, June 7, 2007

holy shit. I’m deaf.

Last night’s Dinosaur Jr show at Irving Plaza was


When my head cleared and they turned the lights down, the unlovely J. Mascis emerged like, well, a dinosaur. Swinging that long skanky gray hair.

stomping and tearing all over the place with monstrous guitar solos.

I was in my twenties last time these guys came round; they always struck me as very decent, but nothing special.  Yes, they were founders of the 90s indie rock explosion, but in the late 80s I was def more Husker than Dinosaur. This reunion of the original members is fascinating – their debt to Seventies Guitar Rock is SO clear and so fabulous! I thought of Black Sabbath, late Joe Walsh (not the pop crap), Ozzy, even a little Outlaws in the solos. Birthday Party, too, maybe – and I love their Cure cover. They are still some kinda hardcore-metal hybrid, but the metal was front and center last night. Interesting that they reminded me of Sugar a LOT – the 90s band of former Husker Du’s Bob Mould.

Bassist Lou Barlow ripped and slashed at the bass but mostly built some kind of giant gnarly blocks of noise that Mascis’s guitar lines climbed up and over and then took off from, soaring way up there pterodactyl-like and taking most of the incredibly pumped audience with him.

The sound was fucking GREAT. Clear, loud, well-defined. The crowd was great – a mosh pit like it used to be and some expert surfing.

Their latest album Beyond has got some definite alt-country-punk Son Volt-ish stuff in there; it was nowhere in evidence last night. Pure loud guitar anchored by Murph’s drums.

courtesy their message board, here’s a set list.

Almost Ready
Just Like Heaven
Back to Your Heart
(*from here it’s out of order*)
Been There All the Time
This is All…
Little Fury Things
Pick Me Up
Out There
Feel the Pain
Gargoyle (with far-out crazy extended solo at the end)



Well, clearly that photo pass did me no good! Should’a rolled it up and put it in my ears. Cause. I. Am. Deaf. Today.

No wonder those old guys like Iggy and J Mascis play so loud. They’re ALL fuckin’ deaf! Rock on.


One thought on “Dinosaur Jr, Irving Plaza, NYC, June 7, 2007

  1. Dinosaur Jr were thru Chicago a few weeks back and yes loud, but crisp and their songs are just too amazing to hear soft. I was living in Boston when they crossed the state from The West Coast of Mass. and people’s jaws dropped literally, there was nothing like it. Cobain owed alot to these guys. I hope they keep the dream together for more albums. It is one of the best reunion albums in a long time.

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