music, silence, and actualizing virtual reality

hey l-a-a-a-d-ies. . . .
I’m back. Where I’ve been for 17 days?!?

O Canada!

From Montreal for family

and Jazz Fest (the music)

to the wilds of Nova Scotia for Buddhist summer camp (the silence),

to a quick stopover in Halifax on way back (actualizing virtual reality)

woo-woo! all by train,

except for the flight from halifax – where i did the virtual/actual thing by actually hanging out w/fellow myspace blogger Delicious Wolf for a night of clubbing and music . Somehow I think some kind of feedback loop may have been created there when we met and by posting this pic of two previously virtual people actually meeting in the physical realm I may just bring the whole myspace edifice crashing down. . . .

Whew. Didn’t happen.

So next three posts are
1) Montreal Jazz Fest, including pix of the wild Mr. Scruff, Hazmat Modine, and Amon Tobin shows and more
2) Buddhist Summer Camp, aka Dorje Denma Ling, including partying monks, my favorite unheated cabin ever,

in misty mountain meadows, plus tips for silent meditation in a mountain bog beset by hordes of blackflies, a hailstorm, and outdoor plumbing (best outhouse since the Destroilet)
3) Halifax, including Xavier Rudd show, Fisherman’s Cove, and street art.

woo-woo indeed!


One thought on “music, silence, and actualizing virtual reality

  1. Thanks for picking the most flattering photo of me from your trip!

    Excellent post. I do expect that since you have been photographed in person next to your virtual friend that Paul Dirac will show up with a mysterious package of antimatter for you & your blog.

    We had a great time with you & Mark, you are welcome back anytime.


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