CMJ Brooklyn Vegan Showcase – Most Serene Republic, Dean and Britta, the Rosebuds 10-17

During a kinda fractured week, I still managed to put the pieces together enough to haul my ass down to Bowery Ballroom and get a little taste of music hipster heaven at the showcase at Bowery Ballroom. Featuring
the Shaky Hands, Most Serene Republic, Dean & Britta (formerly of Luna), and the Rosebuds, it was pretty sweet indeed.

No pix of the very excellent Shaky Hands from me: go to twi-ny’s flickr site for that.

but a coupla pix of the utterly charming Most Serene Republic, a band of semi-Canadians who play melodic, catchy, indie pop w/interesting instrumentation, um, no, they are not the Arcade Fire, adn no, not all Canadian bands sound like that. . . .but MSR was pretty great, despite some flat notes and off-key singing – it kinda didn’t matter at the showcase.

As Charlie Brown had a little red-haired girl megacrush, I had a little red-haired boy megacrush in grammar school, and the lead of MSR quite hit all the right cute notes to play that old tune. Boy, is he cute! and plays a mean trombone. And I’d have to introduce myself by saying, “Hi, I’m Mrs. Robinson. . . . ” Sigh.

She may not be a great singer, but she was pretty great nevertheless.

Here’s the interesting instruments; some egg poaching cups also made an appearance.

And I loved the “guitar army” on the right.


Next up, Dean & Britta, formerly of the almost universally beloved Luna. Dean asked if anyone in the crowd was actually a college radio DJ, harking back to the days when CMJ really meant College Music Journal, and was a more grass-roots affair. He got called on having been a DJ at WHRV. Yup. He’s that old.

They did a great job with their usual melancholic, painful, intelligent stuff as usual. Not the most compelling on stage, but Britta is SO insanely freakin’ good-looking it kinda doesn’t matter. Especially for the husband – megacrush does not begin to describe the dimensions there. But c’mon, you can see why:

Followed by the dreary, amateur techie delays and evergreen rock ‘n’ roll dance party of the Rosebuds, whose uncomplex choruses of “ohohoh” & “yeahyeahyeah” produced the most dancing seen all night. I’m not a big fan of the music – frankly, it’d bore me silly w/o the live mulitmedia experience (i.e. in a crowd, at midnight, w/sweaty dancers in front of a speaker), but it was a relief after the introspective rock of D&B – who were actually sounding a bit like Jesus & Mary Chain at one point, only a LOT slower. . .

So the Rosebuds rocked.

Voxtrot played. I went home and CRASHED.


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