M.I.A. @ Terminal 5, New York, October 19, 2007

M.I.A. at Terminal 5 – epic.

this show was so FAR beyond everything else I’ve seen at CMJ it wasn’t even funny.

Terminal 5 is the old Exit – a cavernous three-floor dance/rave-style place.

What M.I.A. did there was kinda extragalactic compared to any dance-music, any rave I’ve seen.
The floor was packed; the crowd was pretty much delirious for about 2 hours before she even took the stage.

Cool Kids opened up w/some excellent old-skool – their “Pump Up the Volume” was quite fine.

And they sounded like something from the previous century when M.I.A. took the stage.

she brought the crowd on stage to dance

she brought the guy she signed to her new label, Zig Zag, on stage

Credited as Afrikan Boy on the single “Hussel,” A.B.’s glow in the dark shirt sported the phrase “Who Stole My Visa?” on the front and “Whoop there it is!” on the back – referring to his troubles getting into the USA.

OUR loss if he didn’t.

Honestly, I don’t really have the words or the knowledge to describe the music – crazy broken beat, percussion blasts like gunshots, samples of New Order’s “Blue Monday” and the Eurhythmic’s “Sweet Dreams” (!), samples of african, indonesian, thai pop. Was it all brilliant? No. Would I have wanted to be anywhere else except there, to hear what happened next? NO.

hey, yeah, I’ve heard the criticism; she does not sing. She may have relied on her old boyfriend Diplo for her previous album’s best stuff. She might have had a lot of help with this one. Maybe she’s the next version of Madonna, in the same way that Madonna might not have been the most talented chick in the room, but she was the one who got the job done. . . .

I really don’t care. Whatever it was that happened onstage, I think I kinda saw a good part of the future last night.

and (ck out the AMAZING photos on

mia terminal 5 27.JPG



3 thoughts on “M.I.A. @ Terminal 5, New York, October 19, 2007

  1. Hi, there. Nice M.I.A. photos. I was at that show, right up at the front. (Well, at the beginning anyway, but I got thrown a few rows back by the fourth song or so.) I didn’t appreciate the long wait and am not crazy about the venue, but that in no way means that I didn’t enjoy the show. (Got into a little argument with some people at Brooklyn Vegan who thought that’s what I was saying. No way! After M.I.A. got out there, it was one of the best shows I’d ever seen.)

    Also enjoying your blog… In fact, I can’t believe I found M.I.A., DJ Rekha and Delphine Blue all on the same (most recent) page. Wow. You’re going to the blogroll of my music blog, right now.

  2. Pingback: I Found Delphine Blue! « Rough In Here, Rougher Out There

  3. cool! thanks so much. I’m def gonna ck our yr site and blogroll you back.

    yeah, my friend who went with me said the M.I.A. show as was on e of the best he’d ever seen in his life and he’s not even a fan of that style at all. She was incredible.

    and i agree – the venue kinda sucked and the setup was not conducive to good sightlines, etc., but it could not dampen the energy.

    and hey, yeah, i was psyched I found delphine blue at that National show at the Seaport, too! you could listen to her show at East Village Radio – eastvillageradio.com – enjoy!

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