Fresh Pop Crack–here first!

so I’m finally BACK from my peregrinations round Ireland.

Nothing I like better than bringing back some foreign music. But Irish radio in the countryside SUCKS ASS. BIG TIME. My friend Claire recalled that last time she was there, all she heard was Chris DeBurgh, over and over. And now it’s superformatted, playing the SAME 10 songs, over and over, and over and over. . . .as our car of four careened around the roadways, piling up massive left-hand side of the road miles from Galway to Dublin and down the south, the SAME 10 crappy songs played, over and over. . . ARGGH.

what I did find in Ireland was some fine bhangra on the AAG cable TV channel (all asian something or other). My bro Dave and I watched this incessantly, at all hours of the day and night, to the dismay of our spouses–mainly cuz it wasn’t in English. What was cool to me was seeing more Pakistan rather than Hindi-based or Punjabi material – tho’ Punjabi still rules! This was my fave:

Abrar Ul Haq: “Islamabad”

nice finale!

But on the radio was ONE song, amongst the 10 pieces of Pop Crap, that was PURE Pop Crack. I speak of Electrovamp's monstrous "I Don't Like the Vibe in the VIP." Nothing like a car full of Scordati hollering "Shake my peaches and cream; I'm gonna make you scream . . .like you haven't in ages!" Okay, so the other car denizens were screaming in pain. Tough. But do not miss this one. It sizzles like a mouthful of Pop Rocks and Coca-Cola.

Electrovamp--I Don't Like the Vibe in the VIP

and ya heard it here FIRST!!! came out in England 31 dec; came out here 8 Jan. These Welsh sisters, 17 and 18, are hot hot hot. I think the song is almost a remix of an old club hit, but who cares?

Finally got home late Sunday night, turned on my beloved New York Noise, a NY-only cable show of indie music video, on channel 25, nyctv. (Search google - you can watch some online! - don't sleep on this one! well, okay, you can, cuz it's actually on pretty early, at 10pm) New York Noise was having a post-punk haircut extravaganza, juxtaposing hilarious and much-loved 80s Joy Division, Orange Juice, Klaus Nomi, and OMD vids with Franz Ferdinand and other current sporters of the "post-punk haircut." Compare and contrast. Very worth watching.

And what should appear but the extremely fabulous and underrated Monochrome Set! with their video for Jacob's Ladder. okay, everybody say "too much art history 101" and then identify the refs here:

whew. back in the ultimate self-referential mirror world of indie pop. at last.

But I think I might not like the vibe in that VIP room better. . . .