The Bravery, Terminal 5, New York City

braving a new show season – the Bravery at Terminal 5

So after an excellent visit to the newly conservative
I Got My Reasons radio show, with some great tunes (I have them to thank for an introduction to Breathe Owl Breathe, a fabulous new Michigan band), it was time for some live music.

Over at the cavernous (no, there is no other adjective for the former Exit) Terminal 5, beyond 11th Ave., alterna-pop faves The Bravery were pounding out infectious 80s-tinged pop anchored by solid dance beats.

oh holy shit there may well be no way to write about these guys w/o sounding like some kind of horrible PR-machine regurgitator. but hey, they regurgitate too! all the kids are doing it!

We arrived, late, to their version of “Stop Drop and Roll” – a bizarre co-incidence since the aforementioned Breathe Owl Breathe do a completely dissimilar song of the same title.

it must be some kind of catchphrase for this generation, like “get under your desks” for the 50s atom-bomb babies. Whatever.
The synth lines were PURE WLIR/1987.

“This is Not the End,” from the 2nd version of their second album, started great.
Mainly by channelling aka biting the great percussive “London Calling” opening from the Clash. Then the frontman started sounding like Robt. E. Smith, tho’ he was wearing a sweater vest (..these kids pick the most inexplicably unflattering styles to revive) and no discernable eyeliner.

But they were so much fun! With shoutouts to East Northport, Long Island, references to Pony Boy, and genial display of a fan’s artwork, The Bravery swung thru an uplifting set of pure 80s pop, angst-lite.

Soaring synth lines, sad-boy lyrics like “Every word from your mouth is like a knife in my ear” and the unmistakable vocal stylings of Smith in the Cure worked then and they work now – “The Ocean” was a prime example.

The Bravery remind me of driving around Long Island (their birthplace) – nothing new, but it’s kinda fun sometimes. Especially if WLIR is on.


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