Chromeo at WAMU Theater, New York City, March 11, 2008

Chromeo at WAMU theater, New York City Fun, fun, fun, but what a wacky venue! Dance music hotties Chromeo and Justice played Tuesday nightat the WAMU theater in nyc’s MSG, as part of the “myspace music tour” .

What the hell is that? Well, the “myspace music tour” is about as superannuated as I felt at the show. The “myspace” tour seems to have hit after myspace itself was hot. Cuz the WAMU is a little theater – a side room of Madison Square Garden. (That side room was originally known as the Felt Forum, back in the day.) A MUCH smaller venue than MSG itself. Kinda had a “playroom downstairs” feel.

Justice and Chromeo were booked for the “big room” –the stadium — but ignominiously failing to sell enough tix to fill even 1/4 of the World’s Most Famous Arena, they were demoted to the dinner-theatre ambience of WAMU.

But it felt kinda like the playroom, as oh-so-rock-star Dave Maclovitch, the guitarist of Chromeo, struck some tasty poses

for the teens and tweens and 20-somethings in the crowd. “We’re Chro–me–oh and we are here to get you DOWN!” He and bandmate Patrick Gemayel’s

infectious sampling of oh, say every p-funk and Prince riff to ever hit the radio, plus some judicious Hot Cherry licks, got everybody bouncing. The insane subsonic bass on “Fancy Footwork,” introduced by an invitation for everyone to two-step, came hot after “Bona Fide Lover” with its hilariously deadpan guitar solo opening. No one was sitting in the comfy seats.

Too much fun! Chromeo knows their shit, and they dj the electrofunk with so much good nature and enthusiasm I had to love ’em. (Plus I love p-funk and 70s funk stuff so much that if they just played a bunch of old 45s I’d be happy.) Wikipedia note: I learned that Dave is A-Trak’s older brother (A-Trak is Kanye West’s dj)- that prob helped this Montreal-based duo get a leg up.

A leg up –Har har! Their gear was perched on goofy leg stands – inevitably calling up memories of that “major award!” of Christmas Story

Chromeo judiciously mines some of the most stupid-ass irresistable hooks from 70s and 80s radio staples – including the opening to the “logical” song by Supertramp, which they wove into “Momma’s Boy” (I think that’s the title.)

Dave made a rueful allusion to their demotion by saying, “I guess we are playing Madison Square Garden! and I thought if I ever played a stadium, I’d have to play this — and they rode off into Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing”. The crowd didn’t believe it, and next song was back to the booty-shaking evocations of Bootsy Collins-era funk that played. . . before these kids were born.

What the hell. The incredibly cute little blonde chick next to me kept asking if my hubby and I had any pot, offered to share her beer, petted my hair and apologized when she drunkenly fell on me, and well, the kids are alright. They always are.

The interstitial music included the original “Logical Song” from Supertramp, plus LCD Soundsystem’s immortal “Daft Punk is playing at My house” and Goldfrapp’s “Ride a White Horse” – a perfect segue into Justice’s set. Review of said set, with ORIGINAL VIDEO! VIDEO! VIDEO! will be up in thisspace tomorrow. Stay tuned!

[credit all fabulous photos to This Week in New York Many more up on the separate and fabulous This Week in New York flickr site.


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