Wire you still here?



Wire was more referenced than listened to–typical of bands modified by adjectives such as “seminal” “cerebral” “hugely influential” (i.e. weird brainiac art punk)

Pink Flag

Chairs Missing


Not only due to their most excellent post-punk album covers, I love this band. So did the Minutemen, Minor Threat, R.E.M., the guy from Guided by Voices, Robt E. Smith of the Cure, Elastica, Blur, My Bloody Valentine, and Fischerspooner, amongst others.

anyway they are playing for free in nyc @ South Street Seaport on Friday, but no one apparently remembers them but me.

I’m gonna go, but I freely admit I haven’t actually listened to a Wire song for at least 5 years. til now!

anyone out there also recall these guys? south st seaport, here we come!


2 thoughts on “Wire you still here?

  1. Ellen: I fucking love Wire — Pink Flag was one of my first punk albums, and I’ve come to love most of the post-punk of Chairs Missing. I have them both in my iPod and play them constantly. So I’m really sorry I missed this show 😦

    How was it?

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