Best Drums EVER: 88 drummers at 8:08 –88Boadrum in Brooklyn, NY

At 8:08pm, on 8/08/08, on the Williamsburg waterfront in Brooklyn, NY, 88 drummers gathered to perform.

This was a revisiting of the 77 drum extravaganza on 7/7/07 – and it was AMAZING.

The piece was created and orchestrated by the Boredoms, who performed it LA this year, while electronic dance faves Gang Gang Dance led it here in Brooklyn, NY.

Best event EVER. it was FREE, and nothing was being sold. Instead, at a silk-screen station, volunteers silk-screened t-shirts for the first 300 attendees,

or, later, silk-screen whatever you felt like taking off and getting silk-screened!

tho’ sponsored by nike, it was the antithesis of the corporate arts spectacle/festival.

the perfect anti-Olympics 8/8/08 activity!

The vibe was super cool, super respectful, . . and the music was incredible – fantastic organization, three movements of bout 28 minutes or so, each


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